• The multifunctional glass

    The glass is a many-sided material. We are surrounded by it almost invisibly. Decorate with it creatively: use as a vse, put seasonal decorations, tealights to it or create a little glass house. You can choose from countless shapes in our store.

  • Jungle in the city

    If you are suffering from lack of nature, create your own "urban jungle". Thanks for today's trends, you have lot of options to have the greenest environment as possible. You can make your own vertical garden, it is the best way to have the real jungle feeling.

  • Porcelain - The eternal trend

    People say porcelain will never fall out of use. No matter if it is an old antique or a modern piece of art, it creates instant elegance with its gracefulness. Dare to use it and you can enjoy the luxurious environment it can create.



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